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Apr 12, 2018 - Comments - Politics

Impeachment move - Protest, blackmail or worse?

Congress move to impeach the CJ has ominous implications and intentions.

One thing has to be clearly understood. This is a fact, not an opinion.

Congress/Left combine has zero chances of getting this passed.

The petition has to first clear VP Naidu. Then it has to be put through a formal inquiy. And in any case the numbers in LS are not there. And in any case the CJ is retiring in a few months and the term of this LS ends shortly thereafter as nation gets into GE fever.

So it is clearly about optics and signaling. Question is, who is being signaled and what is the message?

This is where the most disturbing aspects come to the fore.

First let us go ahead and believe the CONLEFT version that this has nothing to do with the Loya case and leave it at that although that stretches credulity.

Now here is our opinion:

Clearly, as Dr Swamy hits the nail on the head – this is about blackmail.

Coming closely on the heels of warning issued to the babudom to “behave” or suffer, delivered through a media retainer, you cannot but miss the clear signs of blackmail.

Whatever happens in 2019, even if the continuum doesn’t capture power, the judiciary is being told it has to obey them and pass whatever judgments are handed out to it by the eco-system. Whether they are on cases that concern the family and friends or the foes i.e., BJP.

We can go after you, we have the means to throw mud, whether or not it sticks. We have the eco-system that can endlessly spread innuendos and propaganda.

So behave yourself.

Now this blackmail has yet another layer of blackmail which most analysts seem to miss. It is entirely possible that Congress itself is being blackmailed by the Left.

Let us explain.

Left’s priorities, be it India-China relationship or the anti-Hindu pogrom go far beyond Congress’s own limited goal and purpose in life – bring dynasty to power and keep it there.

Dynasty sees clear benefits in terms of “minority votes” from Left ecosystem’s periodic venomous attacks on Hinduism and is willing to go along, as long it only involves occasional statements or marches with JNU cabal. But it has no stomach for a full fledged pogrom – it doesn’t really fetch incremental minority votes and in fact costs votes. In fact many a times the dynasty has been embarrassed by Left’s vigorous pursuit of its agenda using the mutually beneficial relationship as a fulcrum. And it had to backpedal. Congress doesn’t also want anti-Hindu image become permanent. You may have noticed the temple runs.

At best (or worst as you may wish) Congress is willing to let the Left control the media, education and cultural ecosystem, collect a few awards, have its intellectuals feed themselves and live off tax payers money in some institution or body or other. Even here it pulls back where it can. This ‘price’ the dynasty reckons, is small money for the value it derives – Propaganda on tap by the “eminent intellectual/historian” cabal, demonistation of BJP as and when needed along with manufactured outrages, planted Op-Eds in media, boosting image of the Nehru and his dynasty ahead of all other leaders and so on. As the nuke deal with US showed, on foreign policy, Congress is far more right wing and clearly is not keen to obey the dictates of China handed out through its local subsidiaries.

For the Left, while this is useful, it doesn’t go far enough. It wants complete control over judiciary. It is absolutely essential for implementing its real agenda from outside corridors of power which are closed to it for foreseeable future. For Congress it is happy as it has numerous cases pending but it is not a life or death issue. Other than National Herald and few such cases, its family is not directly under threat and the rest can be thrown under the bus at appropriate moment and even used for brownie point scoring.

The Left wants options too, beyond dynasty. After all it is in trouble if the Congress fails and perhaps in worse trouble if Congress succeeds too! Because the party will go back to its centrist core and not be a willing puppet any longer. But periodic impotent noise on third (a)front apart, left had not much leverage.

Kejriwal came as a great white hope to the Left and was promptly boosted by the ecosystem. But then that fizzled out. Read our more detailed opinion on that here.

Now asli-Janeudhari Pappu Rahul Gandhi seems to be the best bet. He fits the classic “Prince Regent too young and probably unfit to rule” mold and hence needs strong backroom Uncles, janissaries and courtiers who can run the show. This is the role left wants to play. But then it has to keep the Prince in check and issue periodic reminders as to who the real “boss” is.

This blackmail over CJ issue is most likely Left telling its Prince – better obey us on this or we will find another Kejriwal. With 2019 fast approaching and the “Pappu” image, wiped out with much difficulty and great expense threatening to rear its head here and there (thanks to his own gaffes), Congress can ill afford loss of the ecosystem’s propaganda cacophony. A few “eminent intellectuals” or “concerned citizens” writing articles in Hindu about Congress too not being secular and “progressive” enough should send shivers down Rahul’s spine.

And for the Left this is the best time to get its pound of flesh – control over judiciary. 2019 may be too late – even if Congress wins!

Indeed, there could be a third layer of blackmail too. Here we are entering the speculation zone but not without logic. President Xi is a man in a hurry and will not sit by quietly as the Left loses whatever little hold it has on the Indian political scene. There simply cannot be another Jyoti Basu moment with him in power. He is totally frustrated that his entire plan for Asia, on which rests the overall game plan, is being held in check by one man – Narendra Modi. Trump can perhaps be bought off. And there is no way to buy Modi out. So orders to its coolies in India may be clear – get your act together or face the purge.

Whichever way it goes, interesting times ahead. One can only hope and pray that Indian public will see through all this and chose wisely when time comes to ink their fingers.

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