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Feb 26, 2019 - Comments - Pakistan

Balakot Strike

Balakot strike changes a lot of narratives - both in India and Pakistan

Why is it so BIG?

  1. If you recall the narratives after the “surgical strike” in Indian political theatre as well the mainstream media controlled firmly by the so-called liberal ecosystem, it was one of disbelief.
  2. Modi is lying. Show us the proof. This never happened. Another Sanghi myth.
  3. These were the sort of comments we heard from anarchist politicians as well as looter dynasts and their their media servants aka independent journalists.
  4. The “intellectual” branch of the corrupt ecosystem too joined in their usual way - branding everyone that supported it as a war mongering Sanghi, fascist and fake nationalist.
  5. Interestingly, none of these questions were raised after Congress announced that they hired the “architect of surgical strike”.
  6. Suddenly myth became reality and an “architect” has been found, unquestioningly accepted by the same media charlatans that scream from rooftops about “journalism that questions, criticises and not meekly accepts”.
  7. Be that as it may, the Balakot attack has been accepted as a fact by these people, which is a big improvement! Our Airforce has to thank them for such small mercies!.
  8. Pakistan too, after some initial spin about a “2 mile” interception etc., has beeen forced to veer closer to the truth simply to make its condemnation more credible! After all if it is a two mile (which a fighter jet covers in seconds), what is there to protest about?!
  9. All this means, we have to take it as true that IAF did indeed strike, strike deep and strike hard.
  10. Other aspects of this strike that make it different and ground breaking has been pointed out by others - first time after 1971 our airforce is crossing the LOC, even the IB. It doesn’t come any bigger unless you are talking of a raid on Karachi harbour!
  11. Even the more rabid dynastic domestic servants of the Diggy kind cannot blame the terror attack in Kashmir vs the forces on “RSS saazish” - and hence question why Modi chose to retaliate close to elections.

What may have happened

  1. We never know. We can speculate. But the best explanation out there - that forced by public opinion as well as its own hardening stance, Modi government told the IAF to take out at least one known terrorist infrastructure.
  2. It may indeed be possible that Pakistan’s eunuch civilian regime may close one eye, given the rewards it can reap for itself. For now Imran is safe from sniping from opposition, forced to close ranks. It may even be able to gloat over the failure of its all knowing all powerful army and airforce to stop this, just as they failed with bin Laden.
  3. One can also safely presume major world powers were briefed, if not prior, immediately after the strike and told what the overall game plan is.

Why may happen

Again we can only speculate.

  1. It seems likely Pakistan will not retaliate at least not directly.
  2. Using jihadis to go after soft targets is indeed a worrisome prospect but then this was never off the table anyway.
  3. Interestingly the world is now counseling “both” sides to be restrained. This is not a bad position for India to be in, since in the past, after taking a hit by jihadi terrorists dispatched by Pakistan establishment, it is India that is asked to be “restrained”.
  4. As the saying goes it is easier to seek forgiveness than permission.
  5. Clearly Pakistan is now caught in a jam. Any future terror attack inside India will now be easier to blame on its own “revenge”. The only other option - nuclear blackmail, which it engaged in as usual, will only make it that much harder for Pakistan to be seen by international community as a civilised responsible nation.
  6. World is now increasingly convinced that Pakistan is a septic tank of humanity run by jihadi terrorist barbarians that cannot simply be treated as a nation like any other. Its lies are now believed by no one other than India’s left liberal ideological coolies of Beijing.
  7. Even Beijing seems to wash its hands off, now that it has got the Pakistani economy by its balls, thanks to the vastly overpriced overhyped “game changing” CPEC deals. Unlike Uncle Sam that writes endless cheques, Chinese are clever and only demand repayment on its terms! Not convinced? Just ask the Lankans!
  8. That doesn’t mean world will not business with it - clearly total isolation is not feasible. But they may do so only for a short list of things - Go after terrorists, Buy arms, Tell your “boys” not to go after us, etc. Or to spite each other, like Russia is doing with US.

What we wish happens

  1. It may be good time to mainstream the Baloch struggle for independence from this terrorist fake nation.
  2. It may also be a good time to push for integrating Pashtun areas of Pakistan with Afghanistan. This was proposed by a high ranking US official not too long ago. Will Modi dust off these plans?

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