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Mar 31, 2019 - Comments - GE 2019

Rahul from Wayanad

Dear leader Rahul is contesting from Wayanad in Kerala in addition to Amethi. Courtiers and progressives react. There are lessons for everyone

Media courtiers cheer instantly!

  1. One particular alleged “journalist” who was, until the other day advising Rahul to stitch up allliances even if that means giving up something, is now dancing with joy over the fact that Congress is snubbing ally after ally!
  2. You can read her comments here!
  3. If you are a aspiring servant of princely and born-to-rule-over-us-unwashed families, you have to learn one valuable trick from this article - clever use of “inside sources” from Congress to say exactly what Congress expects you to say but with plausible deniability. Hey, I am only quoting their “source”!
  4. We are referring to this paragraph: A Congress leader, part of the UP plan, smirks, “If Modi had contested another seat, it would have been a master stroke, but the Congress ‘runs away.’ These days we do real politics, not TV debates.”
  5. If you read more articles of such eminent “journalists” you will discover that BJP spokies, often anonymously, only “admit” to something wrong but Congress “sources” always give good news!
  6. Brilliant Ms. Chautrvedi. No wonder you are so successful! We have a lot to learn.
  7. Wish we can hire her as a lecturer in our modest effort to teach “journalism” but then she could be very expensisve.
  8. We can look forward to much more “Rahul is so clever” articles from other speak truth to power, fearlessly impartial, Unpliable “journalists” in next few hours.
  9. Then we can have a contest. Who is the best?! Over to you Madames Ranaa Ayyub, Sagarika, Nidhi, Pallavi Ghosh and the rest of the “journalists”!

Brinda Karat madam is upset, just like her husband

  1. As you know in India we have a strange definition of secularims.
  2. If someone from BJP says Wayanad is full of Muslim voters, he will be declared a fascist, hate monger and worse.
  3. Pseudo intellectual charlatans of Polpotist left and corrupt media agents of dynasties will wear liberal mask and outrage.
  4. That is because right wing is stupid.
  5. If you are a true progressive, you will be clever. You will instead say “Muslim league has significant presence in that constituency”.
  6. After all, we know Muslim league has great deal of influence with Christians and Brahmin voters too, dont we?
  7. You can read that brilliant “secular” way of saying something as well as the Stalinist left’s angst over Rahul-jis candidature here!
  8. Any aspiring journalist or commentators has to learn such clever verbiage!

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