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Apr 2, 2019 - Comments - GE 2019

Caution! Intellectuals at work

Some things never change. Morning brings sunshine, Winter brings cooler weather etc. What about Indian elections? Well they bring a lot of ‘eminent’ historians, intellectuals, historians, writers etc. out of the woodwork to do their bit!

Writers come out against Modi

  1. In India, before you can call yourself an intellectual or be declared as one by Stalinist left’s propganda media, you need to prove your worth to the Politburo and the assorted dynasties that often depend on left for support.
  2. If you recall the 2014 General elections, the theme song of these intellectuals and worthies was that Modi cannot, should not and will not become PM because of “Gujarat”
  3. Page after page of opinion pieces were written in yellow media about how the Gujarat model “failed”.
  4. Needless to say, not a word was uttered about the open ended loot and plunder of the nation by the dacoit families and their crony businessmen!
  5. After all one would expect a governemnt that spent 10 years in power would stand on its record and ask its servants to defend or sing its praise? No of course, that did not happen.
  6. The entire focus was Modi, Modi and well, Modi.
  7. Well, despair not, now the entire focus is on the government! Of course, it is Modi, Modi and Modi!
  8. The same worthies spent the past five years complaining about stifling climate for dissent and other such issues, even as they spent 90% of their time attacking Modi without let or hindrance as the phrase goes!

Now they are worried about “hate poltics”

  1. If you are really worried about hate politics, you should be worried about the return of Congress because it’s track record of crushing dissent, both within the party and outside is well known!
  2. Whether it is singers like Kishore Kumar or even its own past leaders like PV Narasimha Rao, everyone that ever did not please the first family with abject sycophancy, like our “eminent” crowd, suffered for it.
  3. And we all know too well about emergency and other draconian laws written into our books by the family with these very same “intellectuals” cheering on.
  4. And none of them felt it fit to question the Stalinist rapist savagery and mass murders of their comrade pals in Nandigram, Singur or elsewhere, instead happily spent time with them in LitFest and what not!
  5. Not one of them returned awards when Sikhs were butchered or when numerous political opponents were murdered in open daylight by the comrades!
  6. It is exactly this leftist crowd that wants us to listen to them so we can bring to India the glorious regime of Polpot, Stalin, Caucesu, Maduro and Kim Jong Un! And eat grass and worship the Great leader who has power in perepetuity!

A nice way to destroy our future!

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