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Jun 21, 2019 - Comments - Fake liberals Leftism

Liberal Hypocrisy 1

Hypocrisy is of course, one essential qualification if you want to be a Politbuiro certified “liberal” in India

Saba Naqvi is one of our emninent “journalists” who consider themselves “liberals”. She has ample qualifications if you go by what counts in India to be counted as one. Diwali, for instance, is not an occassion to wish her Hindu friends, but to lament about her dog getting excited. A simple study of her Twitter timeline should convince anyone on her objectivity, fairness, balance and politcal affiliations as a so called journalist.

As we all know, Sanjiv Bhatt, an equally qualified “liberal” has been sentenced to life for custodial death. This should be a time for all his “friends” in the “liberal” fraternity to wash their hands off him, silently? You guessed wrong!

Naqvi madam has chosen just this moment to lament about the seemingly excessive sentence. We have to be grateful to her for confining herself to this and not spin conspiracy theories on the verdict itself, thank lord for small mercies.

But then this should not surprise anyone that has been following our “progressive/liberal” emninents. When the alleged lift molesting scandal broke out, many of these worthies came out to support Tarun Tejpal, the accused and engaged in victim shaming. Some even lamented press coverage of the incident. Perhaps they are so used to obfuscating and defending rapist savagery and mass murders of their comrades and demi-Gods that a mere molest does seem trivial to them.

But this is not the past when entire media was in the control of dacoit dynasties and their left liberal friends. Today we have social media. Liberals want to use the social media to spread their lies and narratives but then they get quickly called out.

So when Ms. Naqvi tweeted about this, she was instantly “enlightened” by an ever obliging twitterati. Read the entire thread and be enlightened yourself!

But if you expect her to become really enlightened and stop spreading such narratives, you must be mistaken. Along with hypocrisy another standard qualification for our liberals is goal post shifting. You will see that pretty soon! Yet another trick is to pick one somewhat abusive tweet amongst the dozens of replies, use that as an excuse to avoid replying to other valid ones, and get other “liberal” friends to start a tweet storm on how “dissent is crushed” in Modi’s India. If all that fails, there is always “I am getting threats” trick, which will never fail!

Also God save any right winger that says “encounters”, (where criminals are killed in cold blood by police in allegedly fake incidents) are all too common in India and why make a fuss over Ishrat Jahan. The entire cabal will come down on you like a ton of bricks and you will never hear the end of it. But then as a certified liberal you can pretty much say anything and get away with it.

Welcome to secular India!

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