Delhi Election 2020
Feb 3, 2020

Delhi elections are due in early Feb. Does it matter anymore?

Its so boring

  1. Let us state this upfront - Kejriwal will win again. Of course, his lead may reduce but then he is not a Modi so he will not have to explain reduced seats or vote share, given how “independent” media in India works.
  2. But the most important point is not that. It is Kejriwal v2.0 (or is it v.5?)
  3. Remember those glory days when VPs of McKinseys were quitting jobs to join AAP, and help Kejri ‘clean up’ Indian politics? Well, those days are over. These starry eyed dreamers woke up, saw through the mask and saw nothing but a fraud, megalomaniac and a foul mouthed charlatan serial liar.
  4. Of course, Kejri is going soft in his new version and is not having much of verbal diarrhea but if you are fooled by that there’s no one else to blame.
  5. Essentially he is no more a mahdi or a yugpurush - he is reduced to just another freebie doling politician in the mould of JJ or Jagan. Like others in the “secular” camp, he too thinks going after minority votes should involve identifying himself with fringe loonies or closet jihadis of the Shaheen Bagh sort.
  6. The party - AAP has been reduced to a farce. It is filled with sycophants whose only qualification is they somehow raise funds for fighting polls (dont ask how) and pose no threat to Kejriwal’s ambitions and megalomania. Anyone that had any independent thought or self respect or semblance of ideology has been packed off. Any resemblance to the numerous family run businesses aka political party in India? Of course!
  7. Cleaning up of Indian politics has to wait for another yugpurush who is hopefully not a fraud.
  8. The corrupt media ecosystem was backing him in 2014 hoping he will prove to be their ticket to continued prosperity. But that dream has faded too and now they are back to launching Rahul Gandhi for the tenth or fifteenth time.
  9. So in his victory, Kejriwal will see the death of many dreams. The dream of becoming PM for one. Politics as usual. Let the free power and water flow! Bills will be paid by our future generations who will have neither!

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