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Jan 18, 2021

The Nidhi Harvard “phishing” saga has come to light. And a leading journalist has written a beautiful piece. Both tell us same thing.

Nidhi Harvard saga

Nidhi Razdan, formerly a TV news anchor with NDTV, (derisively referred to online as “dynasty TV” for its obvious pro-Congress and anti-BJP bias), is one of our “independent” journalists. She has lots of talents and came up in life through hard work, without any family connections to smoothen the path. Naturally she admires Rahul Gandhi.

She quit her lucrative job at NDTV to announce that she has been appointed “Associate Professor” at Harvard Uni! No less. After months of strutting about in SM as well as elsewhere with the title prominently highlighted, she has thrown a bombshell. (see Link 1 below) The entire affair was a fake!. She claims it is a “phishing” scam. Although the so called phishers have been very nice to her and not actually stolen any money.

Of course, many are smelling fish. Oddly enough her public statements are vague and her actual police complaint was made supposedly in Srinagar, JK, not Delhi, where she works! One would have thought the Srinagar police, apart from lacking the tools and skills of Delhi counterparts, would be busy with other “peaceful” problems. Or perhaps the intention is to keep it away from prying eyes?!

The purpose of this article is not to poke fun at Nidhi or take pleasure in her plight, if you can call it that. There’s lot of that online for you to enjoy. It is to help you see it in context. To do that we have to also read yet another fearless, independent, liberal journalist - Shekhar Gupta of The Print.

Shekhar Gupta

Shekhar-da has penned a brilliant article in his online portal, The Print (See link 2 below) One can never be sure what his intentions were, but the article is a well written confession statement on how the left-liberal cabal operates.

If you recall, a film about drug menace in Punjab, titled “Udta Punjab” came out just before the Assembly elections. It was widely discussed, publicised and used to flay the ruling NDA. The impression given and the spin was that the entire state has descended into a drug hellhole. And that the rulers were not just negligent or incompetent, they were complicit. BJP/NDA lost the elections to Congress.

Shekar Gupta calls the movie a “deeply political venture”.

Of course it was! That’s exactly what many of our “independent” academicians, historians, intellectuals and alleged journalists do!

Not content with merely calling it political venture, Shekhar da goes about giving an exact modus operandi of the ecosystem and its tricks. We have seen it as “Award waapsi” and so many other tricks the dynastic dacoit - Stalinist left ecosystem came up with.

Contrary to the film’s portrayal of entire Punjab as a drug addicted state, Shekhar says,

“we had problems, but not like these”.

He is damning in his indictment of the political venture dressed up as a movie:

“it was a scandalous characterisation for the state and its people”.

But it had a purpose. To remove BJP-Akali alliance from power. And it succeeded.

Where Award waapsi and the “throw stone at a Church and start a month long anti-Modi hate campaign all the way to NYT” cabal failed!

And more importantly, as the “mission accomplished” banners were unfurled, dynastic orifices licked clean and lifafas pocketed, corrupt family coolies and yellow frauds that call themselves journalists quietly dropped the entire drug story as if it was never there! Shekhar says that too, in his own way!

“Nobody, nobody is talking of the drug menace which, by the way, is a reality, though not fractionally as portrayed in that scandalously defamatory film.”

He even adds,

“Has Amarinder Singh’s Congress government done such a spectacular job? Even he won’t claim it.”

Perhaps Shekhar-da has sat under some Bodhi tree and obtained gyan recently. Because we cannot recall his take on this political hit job before it actually did the damage it was designed to do!

Do you need any further proof of the power of the ecosystem?

The power of the ecosystem

Abhishek Banerjee has covered the “liberal privilege” aspects of this saga beautifully in his piece (see link 3). As he rightly points out, such is the power of the liberal ecosystem that we unquestioningly accept practically any reward being conferred on them by the ecosystem itself!

You see, it is only those academicians, journalists and historians that don’t belong who need “peer reviewed papers”, “track record”, “qualification” and such. Of course, you cannot even call yourself an intellectual unless the Politburo has signed off on it. For the elite of the inner circle in the ecosystem, everything is arranged. They just have to ask for it.

  • They can launch narratives of dacoit dynasts or Politburo’s instructions, as “news”, as and when they please.
  • They can influence voters with fraudulent narratives or a pack of lies and exaggerations.
  • They can be blatantly partisan and yet claim to be “independent”.
  • They can spread lies, be it about rice procurement or farm laws, collect coolie in many ways - RSTV gigs or MLA, MP seats for friends and family,
  • Lick corrupt dynastic boots for lifafas, ask “tough” questions (like pasta recipes), and yet call others “godhi”
  • They can stand in front of a burning neighborhood and looted shops and say “demonstrations were largely peaceful”, if its their friends. If not, it is “terrorism”.
  • Of course, real terror that kills Hindus, as with the Kashmir genocide of Pandits, is painted as their own fault.
  • Engage in victim shaming and “they asked for it” sort of comments if the killers are peaceful and victims are Hindus. When they are not busy denying it ever took place of course!
  • The international “liberal” ecosystem will give them juicy gigs in their controlled Universities and organistions like Amnesty, as and when they need it. All you need is anti-Hindu hate dressed up as secularism and anti-BJP propaganda dressed up as journalism.

Don’t be surprised if Nidhi actually becomes a professor in some US “liberal” university. The ecosystem is powerful enough to grant her that favor many times over.

It is YOU that has to justify your very existence to them! They can get you arrested, even killed as and when they want. And NYT will not write Editorials or OpEds about it. You try to take on their lies, they can trigger global outrage, cries of fascism, and plant global headlines of intolerant India.

When can RW replicate this formidable infrastructure? Probably never!

  1. https://www.ndtv.com/blog/how-i-fell-for-a-phishing-attack-my-story-by-nidhi-razdan-2353395?pfrom=home-ndtv_opinion
  2. https://theprint.in/national-interest/neither-udta-nor-padhta-punjab-question-is-how-indias-no-1-state-in-2003-fell-to-13/586413/
  3. https://dynastycrooks.wordpress.com/2021/01/16/what-the-nidhi-harvard-story-reveals-about-our-world/

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