Karnataka - debacle?
May 20, 2018

On the face of it, yes. BJP failed to secure a majority and then failed to “buy” support to somehow grab the seat. And it was all over TV.

But is this the only narrative? Of course, if you read the faithful media warriors of dynasty, democracy has been “saved” and BJP has been paid back in its own coin. But that that’s the same coin they were all rubbishing as fake not too long ago in Goa or Manipur. Somehow it becomes gold coin when Pappu gets it.

To put it simply, democracy is “endangered” when BJP does a Goa & gets “saved” if Congress does it. There you go..

Be that as it may, it is not entirely a disaster for BJP. In fact, its apparent harakiri in Karnataka where it appeared to cut various corners to grab power probably has a tactic behind it.

Number one is the Lingayat vote base. BJP was brought to the doorstep of power by the Lingayats although many others voted for it. These people would have felt cheated if Yediyurappa was asked to roll over and play dead after the result. The same media liars who now shout loud about death of democracy would have been collecting their envelopes spinning conspiracy theories – that BJP was “relieved” as it didn’t anyway want to make him CM and simply turned that into virtue by not bidding for power.

Number two – If you notice all these “independent, fearless” media crooks that are now praising Rahul for being a great Chanakya for winning power despite losing, one thing should become apparent – their ability to use Goa and Manipur as sticks to beat BJP with is now gone! This applies to dynasty itself. It cannot simultaneously attack BJP for doing it and call it clever tactic to do exactly the same in Karnataka.

Third, it sends a message to those that voted to JD(s) for 2019 – their votes are effectively to Congress, which is not what they perhaps want. Several reports highlighted how JDS voters clearly indicated they’ll go with Modi for 2019. Now this is reinforced by this week’s drama. After all, there is no way a vote to JDS will benefit Modi in 2019 and there cannot be ambivalence.

But these have come at a cost – BJP is facing a wall to wall coverage that will last weeks and is mostly against them.

Which one will eventually mean more? Time will tell.

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