Knives are out!
Jul 27, 2014

Narendra Modi lamented that he never had much of a ‘honeymoon’ – a luxury most new governments enjoy for fairly long periods. Forget about honeymoons, now Modi has to deal with an ugly fact – the knives are out to get him and his government and quickly return back to the ‘golden’ era of dynasty rule. As expected the secular liberal elites are the Janissaries that are out to protect the empire.

Booby traps and propaganda war

In politics, as in war, all is fair. So it is to be expected that apart from a ruined economy and down in dumps sentiment, the outgoing Congress government also left a few booby traps for Modi to walk into. The dalal media was waiting for the traps to spring. The railway fare hike, adverse opinion on Gopal Subramaniam, Hindi as “official” language circular, were all cleverly exploited by the secular, liberal media elite. No one from the BJP could get a word of theirs heard in the cacophony that followed.

But now the propaganda war is going very fast down a very dangerous and irresponsible route, perhaps reflecting the frustration and desperation on the part of the ex rulers and their lackeys.

Fifty years of privileges

One can readily appreciate the predicament our secular, liberal elites, ‘eminent historians’ and other bhadralok that do the rounds of TV studios, issue regular appeals and press releases and keep themselves in the news. For fifty years, the country was theirs, even the short Atal era making hardly any difference to their status. Juicy posting were theirs for the asking. Luxurious bungalows, frequent flier miles attending conferences on poverty and depravity (in very nice locations, of course), liberal coverage in western media, even more liberal funding from evangelist and other lobbies, you name it, they had it.

But now with Modi firmly in power for five years barring miracles or disasters, suddenly life looks a lot bleaker. The good life is under serious threat. This good life also needs conflict, chaos, violence and strife to keep the cash box ringing with donations. To mention but one example, it was reported that Teesta Setelvad, her husband and even her daughter were billing their NGO more than Rs.100,000 each month as ‘salary’ which no doubt they richly deserve for the hard work they put in demonising Modi for their donors. Obviously there will be dozens more, milking India’s poverty, religious strife and various other conflicts.

Nejma Heptuallah’s recent statement that Indian Muslims are gradually warming up to Modi government and the BJP must have added to the paranoia of many intellectual, secular, liberal merchants of fear. After all, if there is no religious conflict or violence, why fund a bunch of high flying elite for ‘equality studies’ and ‘conflict management’?

Sania Mirza affair

Sania Mirza’s appointment as Telengana’s brand ambassador has become a perfect opportunity for uber secularists to incite religious tensions and hopefully violence, that would enable them to say ‘I told you so’ and blame Modi even more. Quietly blacking out a Congress MLAs opposition to the move, TV studios have been shouting from rooftops and running sob stories turning the whole affair into a Hindu Muslim one. On the contrary this is all about a country – Pakistan – that has been waging a violent war of terrorism against India, Afghanistan and others and turning itself into a outcast state of fanatic barbarians. It may be well within Sania’s right to marry someone that is a product of that system, but surely a Indian state need not bypass so many other deserving Indian Mulsims to award that recognition to Mirza whose husband has not said a word against the terrorism sponsored by his country against India?

Sena MLAs conduct

Yet another unfortunate event has come in handy for the media brokers – the incident of Shiv Sena MPs ‘force feeding’ a Muslim catering staff. No doubt the conduct of the MPs was disgraceful but to turn this into a communal matter is nothing short of irresponsible and reckless. What next? Guilt in road traffic accidents will be judged based on religion? The MPs have been loudly protesting they did not know the staff’s religion and were protesting bad food were barely mentioned.

Resist the temptation to bribe the way out

Fed up and irritated with all this, Modi or this government may be tempted to pay their way out of trouble. After all, in the larger scheme of things, it does not cost much to throw some money and shut some mouths. There are always research academy grants, chairmanships and other benefits that can be bestowed upon the noisy liberal opinion makers to let them continue to leech the taxpayer. Secular, liberal fingers that stray in lifts can be quietly allowed to lacerate themselves, perhaps over a few beers in a posh New Delhi bar and discuss Hindutva fascists tormenting women baring cleavages and going to bars. They don’t have to be hauled to court. Shady businessmen that fund such elites by buying shares in media companies at very high prices, can be allowed to do so, with a wink and a nod.

Liberal funding for NGOs and turning a few of their loudest mouths into advisors with a NAC type club will also buy a lot of good media bytes, articles and opinions on how sensitive Modi is to the needs of the ‘poorest of the poor’.

A few of these nepotist yellow journalists that owe their position to heritage rather than scholarship or work can also be made to feel important. Perhaps even decide cabinet posts. Just ignoring them may be costly as Harish Khare rightly pointed out in his NDTV article

Going a bit slow on arms purchases and keeping Beijing ‘sensitivity’ in mind in expanding ties with Japan or South East Asia even while allowing it to use its terrorist proxy in Islamabad to wreak havoc in India will also earn brownie points with the ultra leftist and hence ultra liberal elite. ‘Modi is a pragmatic statesman’ they will gush.

Keep walking

But one hopes Modi and his government will resist such temptations and carry on with what it should do in India’s interests and in line with its promise to the people of this country. After all, the secular liberal elite did not elect him and will never do so. People of the country, including Muslims are gradually seeing through their real agendas and motives and all the noise they can make in TV studios and opinion pages will be worth nothing in five years time.

But it should watch its back because the knives are out!

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