Mocking Mandaviya
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Jul 9, 2021

Elite cultural fascists, known for licking up the verbal diarrhea of Doon educated clown Prince now mock Mandaviya for his bad English spelling!


One of the changes brought in by the Narendra Modi government as part of its reboot is the appointment of Gujarat MP Mansukh Mandaviya as the country’s health minister.

Mansukh Mandaviya (screen grab from his website)

Mansukh Mandaviya (screen grab from his website)


Soon after it was known, the Palazzo coolie ecosystem started re-tweeting his old tweets that had bad English grammar and/or spelling. He was mocked and declared unfit to be a minister.

As his Wikipedia profile shows, Mandaviya is a man of humble origins - son of a farmer from a small town in Gujarat, that studied in Government primary schools. As he is only 49 years old, that must have been in the 80s when “Idea of India” was ruling supreme and village schools, where they existed at all, looked like bombed out Iraqi villages.

He came up the hard way and is now a Cabinet minister. We can judge his performance in a few years time, on the exact same scale and yardstick we use to judge our super educated Congress ministers and their “economist” PM. Until then, does his English matter? Nothing in his earlier stint as junior minister has anything negative about him. Unlike UPA loot era which threw up scam after scam. So one can be sure he will not loot on a “Harvard” scale or be a silent rock (not star) while banks were being looted to give cronies loans without proper due diligence.

More importantly what does this tell us about the CONLEFT ecosystem that loves to be termed “tolerant and liberal”?

Multiple dangers with cultural fascism

Interestingly, the palazzo coolies dont seem to use the same scale to measure their own clown prince. His infamous and frequent verbal diarrhea, promptly licked up by the sycophants are legion. Corrupt media Pidis often attack BJP for its “Whatsapp propaganda about Pappu” but dont dare to mention that most of those forwards are real clips of real speeches, not faked ones. After all when Rahul Gandhi is a gift that keeps giving, why is there a need for fake?

The hilarious if not tragic sight of wannabe Prime Minister Rahul Gandhi copying an obituary message from his mobile phone is still fresh in our memories (See Link 1).

One has to keep in mind that Rahul, unlike Mandaviya, had a privileged upbringing and went to schools that you and I or our children can’t go to. Media coolies of dynasty declare India would be still in cowdung cake era if Nehru was not born and bring us education, something unknown before him. So one would expect at least the famiglia will use the splendid public education system setup by his Great grandfather, Grandma, Papa and Momma, and educate him there. Alas no! He was sent off to England, where presumably the family’s wealth is, to acquire a mediocre degree. Rest of us had to make do with dysfunctional public schools, exhorbitant private ones, escape overseas or told to “eat half a chapathi and vote for Congress”. So the damaad can drive Harley.

On a different note, it would be fun to ask each of the geniuses that mocked Mandaviya to record a short audio clip reading a paragraph or two in English & post it in some online forums. Let us see how many have the Queen’s English accent and how many can be understood by native English speakers! May be Gurgaon call centers wont even find them fit to employ them to (fake) drawl “Good morning Mr. Smith, this is James (or Rachel) here, how may I help you?!”

This clearly shows the elites of this country, in various “tolerant, liberal, progressive, scientific, secular, woke” and other pseudo masks

  1. Have not understood that India has changed. Whatever you may say of BJP, it is a part of meritocracy, as much as any Indian party can afford to be. Far more than any other party.
  2. Dont seem to realise elite princes demanding PM or CM job as a birthright is repulsive to every young Indian other than brown nosed coolies of palazzo.
  3. Have failed to understand that people from villages have to rise right to the top. Their Enlgish accent or vocabulary is a product of the dysfunctional, unfair and skewed education system setup by Congress ruling family, with advise from our leftists like Amartya Sen & co. that do the rounds of TV studios attacking Modi.
  4. ..Failed to see that their rule over India, in many ways much more destructive than the Mughals or British, is over and they should stop acting like they know what’s good for us.



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