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Nov 20, 2017 - Comments

Padmavati row

Our short comments on the Padmavat(i) row

Let us keep this short and sweet. Here are our views

Leftist charlatans, hiding under rocks when Tasleema and cartoonists needed them, have crawled out in large numbers to defend the movie.

Leftists seem to focus on the fact that historical records on Padmavati are sparse or non-existent. This hardly matters. Customs and beliefs of most religions, if not all, are a mixture of facts, beliefs and oral or unverified traditions. Even if Padmavati is entirely fictional, what matters is millions of Rajputs and others believe in her sacrifice.

Then there is this fallacious argument “There are too many versions so why object to one more?” But this is not unusual in a subcontinent size country where oral traditions have been the norm. Those versions were not created to make money or to insult the earlier versions and traditions or for that matter with political agendas in mind.

Then there are the usual leftist rants on ‘patriarchy’ etc which we don’t even bother commenting about! Horrendous suggestions that Padmavati (as well as Yazidi victims of leftists’ bosom pals aka ISIS) should have allowed the rape and conquest to proceed instead of dying, have been made by the left cabal well known for its own rapist savagery and other crimes against women right from the days of its founding in Russia and in India too.

Once leftists got the music going a whole bunch of corrupt yellow media agents of Congress got into the rhythm, attacking BJP for the usual “freedom of expression”, “Idea of India” and other such fundamental rights.

What they conveniently overlooked and deliberately played down if not blacked out was the unpalatable truth that, good or bad, violent or otherwise, the protests against Padmavati were not just from political right. It cut across party lines. Even prominent Congress leaders, including its CM in Punjab and its ally Laloo Prasad have rushed to support the protesters! Many SP, Congress leaders joined in the violent actions, verbal or otherwise. But this is not convenient to the dynasty-left continuum’s narratives so the mainstream yellow media that controls the “Idea of India” narrative naturally didn’t want to talk about it.

All said and done, we think the movie should be allowed to be screened, provided it doesn’t show the queen dancing or singing songs with the cruel Khilji who wanted to rape her. That is not freedom of expression that is insult to all women. As one intelligent observer pointed out, that’s like shooting a movie showing rape victim “Nirbaya” dancing with her rapists. But then this has been Bollywood’s standards. Anything goes, if it fills coffers.

And unlike our media charlatans and fake intellectuals of left, we condemn ANY threat of violence against ANYONE including Deepika and the producer or director by ANYONE.