School of Journalism
Nov 26, 2018

We are starting a new course! Unlike JNU and other prestigious colleges, you don’t need any scholarship to study. It is free! As in free beer!

What do you learn?


  1. How to be a good yellow journalist
  2. The Art of Propaganda
  3. The power of words
  4. The power of headlines
  5. Cultivate rich friends!
  6. And lots more!

Duration of the course

As a tribute to the temple of progressive, liberal education, aka JNU, we are keeping the length of the course indefinite! Just like JNU, you can study for as long as you wish! We want to have 40 year old “students” too! Only difference of course, is that you are not paid by taxpayers to do left politics in the name of studying. We are working on that!

Why learn from Falsenews?

Good question! There are so many “prestigious” schools, colleges and universities that teach journalism. But as with most disciplines, the stuff they teach can’t be used outside of the college! Here you learn the practical stuff. You learn by example! You learn how to be successful not just a paper!

Is there a certificate?

We can issue a nice certificate but no guarantees that anyone will recognise that! A sample of our certificate is shown [here] (/img/FNCert.png).

Can I get jobs with this certificate?

We will give you letter of recommendations to all prominent progressive, liberal, left media. We hope they see value in your education and hire you! You will know a lot more than your fellow competitors anyway.

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