Vikas Dubey Encounter
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Jul 10, 2020

The Vikas Dubey saga shows not just what is wrong with our policing but shines a rather unfavorable spotlight on the so-called independent media

The incident

Vikas Dubey, a notorious criminal, one of the hundreds that had a free run all these years under “secular” regimes, and turned UP, Bihar into lawless jungles where rule of might & thuggery prevails, was gunned down in an allegedly “fake encounter”.

The run up to this brutal end is as interesting as any crime fiction. On 3rd July, eight policemen were killed by the gangster and his team when they tried to apprehend him. NDTV (1) reported that Vikas Dubey has a long history of crime, including an alleged role in the sensational 2001 murder of a BJP politician who was chased and shot dead inside a police station; he was acquitted in that case. Media reports, which we could not verify, also showed his wife’s lifetime membership certificate from Samajwadi Party, currently in opposition in UP state. Prior to that they were the ruling party and have a reputation for “jiski lati uski bains” school of politics. (Whoever weilds the stick owns the cow)

One of the biggest complaints from our human rights warriors has been that Yogi Adiyanath has been ruthless with criminal gangs that were giving UP a bad image by operating openly and with impunity. Thousands were killed or arrested. Naturally this led to liberal outrage. It also goes without saying that the same corrupt pseudo liberal media was closing their eyes to the activities of these thugs & their political pals, busy issuing certificates in exchange for 2BHK flats and other favors.

Yet when attempts to nab Dubey and his gang were intensified following the ghastly incident of 3rd July, friends of dynastic parties were quick to resort to wild speculation as well as attempts to create a situation whereby Yogi will be blamed regardless of what happens.

Rajdeep Sardesai, known for his anti-BJP bias and tough interviews with Sonia Gandhi (when he was speaking truth to power) where he asks for pasta recipes, speculated that Dubey will be killed to allegedly protect secrets that may expose ‘VIP’s. (2)

On the contrary Wire, a fringe left propaganda outlet was trying another tack - that Dubey WONT be killed because he is from upper caste and that Yogi only targets Muslims and lower caste! (3). Not surprisingly, the all weather allies, Jihadists and their apologists too sang this tune. That “activists” ( a code word for jihadist killers and their shared services team that do the groundwork) are in jail but Dubey is free!

Trap was set (Not for Dubey!!!)

So the trap was set - not for Dubey but for the Police & Yogi Adityanath. Whichever way he goes, he will be lambasted, blamed and abused. No questions were raised about Dubey’s closeness to dynasties.

If Yogi doesn’t catch Dubey, he can be called inefficient and incompetent. In fact, some corrupt yellow media agents of the CONLEFT ecosystem even spread lies about his whereabouts. Where one yellow journalist declared he had already escaped to Nepal, yet another said he was eating Bhelpuri in Haryana! And a third said he is only passing through BJP ruled states, thereby alleging some sort of collusion. Yet he was arrested in MP (a BJP ruled state) which it is not possible to reach from Haryana without crossing Rajasthan, a Congress ruled state!

Obviously when it comes to collecting envelopes, geography, history, facts, truth can all be buried deep inside the ground. These are the corrupt frauds that eventually lie enough to become eligible for OpEds in Western liberal media!

If Yogi catches him but brings him to justice, then the Wire narrative (3) wins! Lo and behold, an upper caste criminal is given royal treatment he would have been killed if he were Muslim!

If Yogi gets him “encountered” then human rights masks can be worn and outraged! May be this will feature in NYT or WaPO in the coming days!.

Our stand

We do not believe in “encounters”. Unless faced with imminent threat of death, police should not use lethal weapons. Criminals should be brought to justice.

But the hypocrisy of corrupt yellow journalists and dacoit families is a much more severe threat to India than the death of a brutal killer who enjoyed their patronage.





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