Bihar lessons - 3

A fresh topic has emerged for “liberal” outrage. No Muslims among NDA MLAs and ministers in Bihar. Who is to blame?

bihar modi minority politics

Is ecosystem giving up on Yugpurush Kejriwal?

Is the ecosystem giving up on Yugpurush Kejriwal? What has he done wrong?

kejriwal politics aap

When courtiers "criticise"

Sometimes we see “criticism” of the dynasty from its loyal media servants. But scratch the surface!

media politics

Bihar lessons - 2

The focus of this article is on BJPs agenda for governance, not just in Bihar but anywhere.

bihar modi minority politics
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Nov 18, 2020

Bihar lessons - 3

A fresh topic has emerged for “liberal” outrage. No Muslims among NDA MLAs and ministers in Bihar. Who is to blame?

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Nov 12, 2020

Bihar lessons - 1

We present our multi-part series on Bihar election results. The nail biting contest which as they call it “went down to the wire” holds many lessons for all of us. Here we focus on the gains made by radical left and radical Islam.

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Jul 31, 2020

Ram mandir in Ayodhya

There is a mood of euphoria in the country. It’s understandable. But there should also be quiet contemplation, introspection, humility and long term vision.

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Jul 11, 2020

Dealing with China

It is not easy to deal with China. In addition to long history, culture and traditions of a proud civilisation, Chinese government is also heavily influenced by its communist system. Dealing with it takes a lot of finesse. Are our loud mouth netas and babus up to it?

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Jul 10, 2020

Vikas Dubey Encounter

The Vikas Dubey saga shows not just what is wrong with our policing but shines a rather unfavorable spotlight on the so-called independent media

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Jun 26, 2020

Modi ends a saga of barbaric discrimination

The narratives in Western liberal media is one of unvarnished hate & Hinduphobia dressed up as progressive, liberal and respect for human rights. Little is known of institutionalised racism, discrimination and bigotry in Kashmir that has gone on for decades

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BJP's manifesto

If you read the mainstream media coverage of BJP manifesto for GE 2019, you might think they talk about nothing but cows, Islamic terror and Article 370 or Ram Mandir. If you need a dose of truth, read on!

Karnataka - debacle?

On the face of it, yes. BJP failed to secure a majority and then failed to “buy” support to somehow grab the seat. And it was all over TV.

Knives are out!

Narendra Modi lamented that he never had much of a ‘honeymoon’ – a luxury most new governments enjoy for fairly long periods. Forget about honeymoons, now Modi has to deal with an ugly fact – the knives are out to get him and his government and quickly return back to the ‘golden’ era of dynasty rule. As expected the secular liberal elites are the Janissaries that are out to protect the empire.

BJP's Grandpa Army

Jaswanth Singh, LK Advani, Lalji Tandon, MM Joshi, the list is getting longer by the day!

Rahul Gandhi off to London!

All of Congress is in turmoil, and our Dear Leader Rahul Gandhi has decamped to London soon after results!

Liberal Hypocrisy 1

Hypocrisy is of course, one essential qualification if you want to be a Politburo certified “liberal” in India

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